Pet Insurance for Pregnant Dogs

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If your pup has become pregnant or you’re thinking of impregnating her, you may be wondering if there is pet insurance for pregnant dogs. The answer to this question isn’t a simple yes or no. Keep reading to find out if your dog’s vet bills will be covered if she becomes or is pregnant.


Is There Pet Insurance for Pregnant Dogs?

Pet insurance companies only cover vet bills associated with the pregnancy if the dog was enrolled in a pet insurance plan before conceiving. Dogs already pregnant will not receive reimbursement for veterinary care for pregnancy-related matters.


pet insurance for pregnant dogs


Why Pet Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Pregnancy After Conceiving

All pet insurance policies include pre-existing conditions as a caveat in reimbursement. In other words, if your dog has a condition before enrolling in a pet insurance policy, veterinary care for it will not be covered.

The reason pet insurance provides don’t cover pre-existing conditions is that most pet parents would simply wait until there is a problem (pregnancy, illness, injury) before investing in dog insurance.

Pet health insurance would not exist if pet parents only used insurance when there’s something wrong.


Pet Insurance for Breeders – Breeder Coverage

There are pet insurance providers, such as the AKC, that provide breeder coverage. The insurance plans are specifically for breeders to use on their pregnant dogs.

Breeder coverage helps pay for treatment associated with pregnancy, including C-sections.

As you can imagine, the costs of breeder coverage can be high. Fortunately, the insurance costs are not as high as what pregnancy care would cost without insurance.


When to Enroll in a Pet Insurance Plan

Now. The answer to when you should enroll in a pet insurance plan is now. Even if your dog is already pregnant and care won’t be covered through pet health insurance, you’ll still benefit from a policy.

This lesson on pet insurance providers not covering pre-existing conditions is a good one. If you get a policy now, you will save yourself money later if there are any hereditary conditions you’ll need to treat, such as hip dysplasia.

Pet insurance covers hip dysplasia treatment costs IF the policy is already active. The same goes for any illnesses. An illness plan will ensure that if there are any medical issues not associated with pregnancy, you will be able to receive reimbursement for the costs.


What Else Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

It’s important for pet owners to understand what pet insurance doesn’t cover outside of pre-existing conditions.

Routine Care: Regular wellness checks or exam fees are not covered by dog insurance companies. Some pet insurers do have special wellness coverage options that can be purchased with a policy, but they are usually budget or discount plans.

Learn more about wellness coverage here: Best Dog Insurance with Wellness Coverage

Alternative Treatments: Chiropractic care for dogs, behavioral modification, and other alternative treatments are not covered by a pet insurer.

Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary medicine or prescription medication is not part of the coverage received with pet insurance.

Waiting Period Issues: Pet insurers have a waiting period after being enrolled in a policy. Most of them are two weeks. This keeps dog owners from signing up for insurance when someone happens to their pet, such as illness or injury, and immediately signing up for insurance to cover it.


pregnant dog insurance


How to Save Money on Pet Insurance for Pregnant Dogs

There are ways to save money on pet insurance for pregnant dogs and non-pregnant dogs. Consider the following:

Accident-Only Plan – This may not be the best choice for dogs becoming pregnant, but for dog owners who have pregnant dogs now with no insurance, it may be a good way to save money in the future if your pup gets hurt from an accident.

Illness Plan – This is the same as an accident-only plan but instead, it’s only for illnesses. If your pup gets sick even if it’s a chronic condition, the treatment costs will be covered.

Unfortunately, with accident-only plans and illness plans, since they are limited coverage you would be able to receive reimbursement for issues that arise outside of the injuries from an accident in the accident-only plan (such as illnesses) or coverage for injuries on the illness plan.

Multiple Pet Discounts – Multiple pet discounts are available, so ask about them.

Other Discounts – Some insurance providers will offer discounts if you work in the pet industry or are military. Always ask about special discounts when asking for a quote.


Pet Insurance for Pregnant Dogs

If your dog isn’t pregnant yet, consider the below pet insurance for pregnant dogs. Requesting a quote is the first step in finding out how much the premium is and what type of policy you need to get the most for the cost of the dog insurance.

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