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PetFirst Wellness Plan

PetFirst pet insurance does not cover wellness or preventative care. This care includes annual checkups, vaccinations, and medications to ward off fleas and ticks. Due to the financial obligations of keeping a pet healthy, PetFirst pet insurance has come up with a plan that can help.

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Routine Care Coverage

Pet owners can add on routine wellness care coverage to their pet insurance plans. PetFirst calls it Routine Care Rider.

Routine Care Rider is a discount program. Policyholders pay an annual cost for a plan that meets their needs. When pet owners utilize one of the wellness care services included in the coverage, some of the cost is already taken care of through the policy.

For instance, for $125, pet parents receive:

  • Up to $15 for wellness exam fees.
  • Up to $25 for vaccinations.
  • Up to $50 for preventive care such as heartworm test, Microchip ID, flea and tick meds
  • Up to $35 for behavior training

Depending on the actual costs, it can be a relief to know you’re not entitled to paying the entire cost of the care at one time.

PetFirst Wellness Plans

The above example is just one of the options available for pet parents. Others include:

Wellness Coverage for $250

  • Wellness Exam Fees – Up to $25
  • Vaccinations – Up to $50
  • Preventive Care – Heartworm prevention and test, Microchip ID, Flea/Tick meds – Up to $60
  • Behavior Training – Up to $50
  • Maintenance – Spay/Neuter, Teeth Cleaning, Blood Panel, Urinalysis, EKG – $50
  • Routine Care Screens – FeLV/FIV, Fecal Tests

Other Available PetFirst Wellness Plans

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How to Choose the Right Plan for Your Pet

The right wellness and preventative care plan depends on a pet’s needs. Senior pets would likely benefit more from the more inclusive pet wellness plans, while adult dogs in good health would benefit from the lower cost ones. Since veterinary care can changed throughout a pet’s life, PetFirst pet insurance allows policyholders to choose a new wellness plan each year to cover their vet bills.

It’s important to note that the wellness plans are supplemental to accident and illness coverage from PetFirst’s pet insurance plans. PetFirst pet insurance only offers their pet wellness plans to policyholders.

Not all pet insurance providers offer pet wellness plans, but most of them do to meet their customers’ needs.

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Optional Wellness Rider Costs

The optional wellness rider is an add-on to pet insurance policies. The cost of the wellness coverage is factored into the monthly premiums of the policy.

Paying for routine throughout the year instead of once a year when exams, vaccinations, etc. are due can be quite a financial relief.

How the Reimbursement Works

When pet parents receive their vet bill, they can submit a claim to receive money back on the routine care provided. This claim does not affect the deductible savings offered by the pet insurance company.

Learn more about PetFirst’s Deductible Savings.

Request a PetFirst Pet Insurance Free Quote

Dogs of all ages can benefit from PetFirst pet insurance, especially due to the personalization of pet insurance policies according to pet’s needs. Accident coverage through PetFirst can be a financial savior when vet bills amount to thousands, and illness coverage can do the same for chronic conditions requiring veterinary care month after month. While pre existing conditions are not covered by illness and accident coverage, this is typical amount pet insurance providers.

To make pet insurance policies as affordable as possible, PetFirst pet insurance company offers discounts for multiple pets, animal care professionals, and employees who are offered PetFirst pet insurance benefits. For additional information on discounts and how to save the most money, read PetFirst Healthcare.

Annual deductibles are just $250 for all policies. Premiums depend on coverage. Pet insurance quotes are quick and easy to get by clicking below.

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