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One of the ways that many pet owners decide on a pet insurance company is by reading the reviews of current and past policyholders. Consumers trust reviews because they know that they are written by people just like them. Customers reviews of pet insurance companies like PetFirst are true and there is no hidden agenda in marketing the services of pet insurance company.

petfirst insurance reviews
petfirst dog insurance reviews

PetFirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst pet insurance serves pet parents across the United States with affordable illness and accident coverage for dogs and cats. The company was recently acquired by MetLife, a well-known insurance company. While MetLife is now the administrator of the insurance plans, the original founders are still the leaders of PetFirst pet insurance.

Pet insurance plans only cover veterinary care due to an accident or illness following the waiting period after enrollment. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by accident and illness coverage.

It is possible to add a wellness plan to a pet insurance policy to help offset the costs of annual vet exam fees. The routine care coverage plan is called Routine Coverage Rider. Different routine care plans are available making it easier to choose one according to a pet’s needs.

Monthly premium and reimbursement rate for vet bills are consistent with other pet insurance providers. PetFirst annual deductible is just $250 for all pet insurance policies and there is a deductible savings perk – each year with no claims, the PetFirst deductible decreased $25.

Additional discounts for illness and accident coverage are available. Read PetFirst Healthcare for ways to save on multiple pets and more.

PetFirst does have a month waiting period after enrollment. This mean that if an accident or illness occurs during the waiting period, it will not be covered and will be considered pre-existing conditions.

PetFirst Insurance Reviews

ConsumerAffairs gives PetFirst a rating of 2 from 8 votes.

USNews gives the pet insurance company a rating of 3.7.

Yelp has received 151 reviews giving the company an overall review of 2.5.

Investopedia gives PetFirst a 4.

Better Business Bureau currently has a total of 752 total PetFirst complaints in the last 3 years – 273 were closed in the last year. They are an accredited busines and has a C-.

Trustpilot’s users give PetFirst a rating of 1.6.

Consumer Advocate gives the company a 4.4 out of 5.

petfirst healthcare reviews

PetFirst Complaints

Most pet owners trying to decide on a pet insurance policy will focus on the complaints vs. the positives of the business. PetFirst complaints are not hard to find. The following are some of the complaints PetFirst has received.

Yvonne, M.
Encinitas, CA
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have had petfirst for over 10 years, they are super. I have insured 3 pets and they covered all but my one girls surgery, because she was a rescue and was already diagnosed with patella luxation. Insurance gets a bit pricey as they get older but i have the 90% 50.00 deductible and it is well worth the cost.

Rochelle B.
West Palm Beach, FL
Rating: ⭐

This is offered through MetLife and I signed up through my job and their premiums were lest expensive than others. I opted for their "routine 365" plan , so i would get reimbursed for my dog's annual checkup, vaccines and teeth cleaning. I had the policy for 6months beforehand. I went to file a claim and from the beginning it was clear they were playing games to get me to give-up and not get any payout . They asked for all sorts of documentation, which i provided and them claiming they didn't get it. My vet even called them , too. In the end, they denied my claim and provided no explanation, except "trauma" because my vet extracted 1 tooth during the routine dental cleaning, that he didn't even charge me for.

Lindsey G.
May 5, 2021
Rating: ⭐

I chose PetFirst (MetLife) pet insurance as it is offered through my employer. The plan went into effect in November 2020. My dog developed diabetes and was hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis in February 2021. She had no symptoms of diabetes prior to the policy taking effect. My claim for her medical care was denied as a pre-existing condition because she has had polyuria and polydipsia in the past, though her vet records state that these were RESOLVED in 2018. They have former veterinary technicians reviewing the claims, not actual veterinarians, per one of their representatives. I am appealing the denial with the assistance of my dog's primary veterinarian. It is also INCREDIBLY difficult to submit claims. They do not tell you that there is a size limit on the files you send in to support your claim. I called multiple times and had multiple representatives say they would submit the claim for me. Only one of them helped until the claim was sent in. Her name is Mary Heeke and she is an excellent customer representative. I cannot say that about anyone else I have dealt with at this company.

Alfred B.
Lake Forest, CA
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I am very happy and satisfied with petfirst pet insurance. They have been very helpful staff and very affordable too.

Sahar S.
July 20, 2021
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I never expected it to be this easy. I filed a claim after my Tara ate something that didn't sit well with her stomach and the bill came out to over 1,000 dollars. All I did was give them a call to update my info and send in the claim form so that the vet could fill out. They ended up giving me back $1,022.00 back. It took under a month for everything to get situated. Im really happy I enrolled her at a very young age.

These are questionable practices at best and I'm hoping I can find another pet insurance company who will conduct themselves in a more reputable and honest way. Buyer beware.

Mikey P.
Glendale, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
Rating: ⭐

Petfirst pet insurance is a terrible company to deal with. We have been with them for many years they renewed the insurance coverage on both of our dogs with the premiums in total for the year HIGHER than the total coverage that is an absolute SCAM.

Will R.
Jun 15, 2021
Rating: ⭐

Canceled my policy with PetFirst…
I just canceled my policy with PetFirst (MetLife). After one year of coverage they automatically increased my monthly rate by nearly 40%! That's an insane increase, and that's with no covered claims!I asked the customer service person if that policy was reflected in my contract and she said, "no, we just automatically increase the price every year at renewal because your dog is older." What? So in essence after the first year they can charge you whatever they want every year and we as customers have no say. I said bye.

These are questionable practices at best and I'm hoping I can find another pet insurance company who will conduct themselves in a more reputable and honest way. Buyer beware.

Louise B.
Mission Viejo, CA
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So glad we decided to go with pet ins! Between minor surgeries for tumor removals for our 9 year old boxer and anaphylactic shock, because our frenchie's allergic to bees!!! PetFirst has helped us many times!! As long as you upload all documentation needed, it's been easy to file a claim!! Thank you PetFirst for helping us save our puppies and our bank account!!!

Word of Caution with PetFirst Insurance Reviews

As much as you may want to turn away from PetFirst because of the above complaints and the low ratings, you may want to reconsider. Most of the complaints the company receives is from customers who didn’t understand their coverage and annual benefits.

Most pet insurance companies have a slew of negative reviews, as do other types of insurances. It’s the nature of the industry.

Dog Ownership Guide recommends researching PetFirst and other pet insurance companies and making a decision based off your own experience. Most pet insurance quotes are free, so it’s a wise choice to move forward to see how much it is and what you can save from it.

Start with a PetFirst Insurance Quote

See for yourself whether PetFirst Insurance is a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ or ⭐ with a quote. The process is simple and fast. If you have multiple pets for a policy, read PetFirst Healthcare for information on ways to decrease the cost of the premiums with the multi-pet discount. You can also add a wellness plan to the PetFirst insurance policy; information on that can be found by reading PetFirst Wellness. Once you’re ready to move forward with this dog insurance company, click below for a quote based on you and your pooch(es) needs.

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