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Can Dogs Have Milk?

Can dogs have milk? It depends. Some dogs can have milk without suffering from any issues, while others, may suffer from gastrointestinal problems if they are lactose intolerant. Learn more about whether your dog can have milk and what type of milk is best below. Dog Owners Ask: Can Dogs Have Milk? Many dog owners...

Rehoming a Dog with Behavior Problems

Rehoming a dog with behavior problems isn’t easy, but there are ways to make it easier. The following tips will help you make finding a new home that’s best for your pup a better than expected experience.   What to Know When Rehoming a Dog with Behavior Problems Do NOT keep the behavior problems a...

CBD Dog Treats for Arthritis

Your dog has arthritis and now you’re looking for CBD dog treats to see if they will help the lack of mobility and joint pain. Good for you! You’re right in line with dog owners who want to make their dogs happy and at Dog Ownership Guide, we believe in Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners....

Best CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

CBD is an effective and safe way to treat dogs with anxiety. To make life simpler for dog owners, CBD manufacturers have made dog treats that don’t only calm dogs down but taste great too. Since the CBD for dog market has exploded, here are the best CBD dog treats for anxiety.   HolistaPet Calming...

CBD for Dog Appetite

When a dog won’t eat, most pet owners begin to worry about something wrong. It’s for good reason because let’s be honest – dogs love to eat. Dogs that don’t love to eat or don’t feel like eating for some other reason may need help to stimulate their appetite. CBD for dog appetite is an...

CBD for Dog Barking

Dogs bark for a reason. They may bark because they suffer from anxiety – separation anxiety, car anxiety, etc. They may bark because they are excited and happy, like when their owner comes home after a long day at work. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with barking, excessive barking can become a problem. It’s why...

Do Yorkies Shed?

Yorkies are a toy breed that gained popularity because of their small size and unique personality. They offer dog owners a lot of love in a bite-size package. That’s another reason many people decide to own a Yorkie and it has to do with the answer to “Do Yorkies Shed?”   Dog Owners Ask: Do...

Top 5 Dog Runners for Your Pup

Dog owners without a fence will love dog runners. Dog runners allow a dog a lot of room for freedom while remaining safe. Dog Ownership Guide has hand-selected the highest quality dog runners, so check them out below.   100 Foot Dog Runner for Large Dogs Up to 250 LBS     Tie to trees,...

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