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Do Maltipoos Shed?

One of the main reasons why dog breeds like the Maltipoos are famous is that they are labeled hypoallergenic dogs. This trait leads to a lot of people automatically assuming that these dogs do not shed hair. However, this is a false fact and just like other dogs, the Maltipoos also shed fur.   Do...

I Don’t Have My Dog’s Shot Records

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably found yourself saying, “I don’t have my dog’s shot records.” First, don’t panic. Second, not having your dog’s vaccination records isn’t a big deal. Keep reading to find out what happens now.   What To Do When You Say “I Don’t Have My Dog’s Shot Records!” While your...

Should Puppies Sleep in the Dark?

If you have a new puppy and wonder if you should make the room completely dark in hopes he/she will sleep better, you probably want to know the answer to: “Should puppies sleep in the dark?” Below you will learn whether or not they should sleep in the dark. The Answer: Should Puppies Sleep in...

Do Dogs Have Lips?

If you’ve ever looked at your dog’s mouth up close, you may have asked the question: Do dogs have lips? The answer may surprise you.   Do Dogs Have Lips? Yes, dogs have lips. A dog’s lips are different from humans’ lips because they don’t serve the same purpose.     Why Do Dogs Have...

Can Dogs Sense Depression?

You’re depressed. Your dog seems to be acting differently towards you. Can dogs sense depression? Yes, many studies show that dogs can pick up on emotions such as sadness and will react accordingly to improve their human’s mood. How Can Dogs Sense Depression and Anxiety? Dogs use many of their senses to detect depression in...

Why Are Huskies So Dramatic?

If you’re a Siberian husky owner, you know all too well the unique personality of the breed. It’s likely why you’re asking: Why are huskies so dramatic? The good news is that Dog Ownership Guide went on a mission to uncover why huskies are so dramatic, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Understanding...

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