Best Toys for Westies

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West Highland White Terriers, better known as westies, have unique preferences when it comes to toys. Instead of wasting money on dog toys that may not suit your westie, consider the toys we’ve identified below. They are the best toys for westies.


What Kind of Toys Do Westies Like?

Westies like toys that are small, soft, and challenging. They enjoy squeaky dog toys, plush toys, and puzzle toys.

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Do Westies Chew?

Yes, westies chew, which is why it is essential to provide your West Highland White Terrier chew toys to satisfy that canine natural instinct.


The Best Toys for Westies

The best toys for westies can be broken up into the following categories: plush toys, chew toys, and puzzle toys. Consider the following for your West Highland White Terrier.


Plush Dog Toys for West Highland White Terriers

Westies love to cuddle and sink their teeth into something soft. Soft toys are beneficial to West Highland White Terriers because it helps them clean their teeth.

Since their mouth is so small, it is important for them to have good dental hygiene. In addition to brushing your westie’s teeth (check out this toothbrush), you can provide plush toys for small dogs to rub their teeth while they chew.

Be sure when you choose plush toys for your westie that they are small, especially if you’re shopping for a westie puppy.

You’ll love the assortment in this lot of toys for westies. There are different sizes and shapes. Look at all of the great plush toys you get AND the many squeakers in them which will really entertain your pup.


toys for westies



When choosing a new toy for your westie puppy or adult dog, be sure it’s large enough for your pup to hold with the paws, as they love to do that. It’s like catching prey!


Chew Toys for West Highland Terriers

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew. Providing chew toys to your dog keep the chewing where it needs to be instead of where you don’t want it – on furniture in your home. It also helps with cleaning your westie’s teeth. The following lot of small chew toys are perfect for westies and also come in different sizes.


west highland white terrier toys



Puzzle Toys for West Highland Terriers

Puzzle toys are great for canine mental stimulation, which West Highland White Terriers need since they are so smart. Consider difficulty level when shopping for puzzle toys for your furry friend. Start with a puzzle toy like this one for your little buddy:


best toys for west highland white terriers



Once your West Highland White Terrier has mastered this one, you can move on to this one:


puzzle toys for westies




This one is a good choice too – slightly weighted balls that dispense treats are great for your pup, especially when you provide different sizes. This one is a good choice:


wobble wag giggle



This next one is a good choice for the next level of difficulty:


puzzle toys for west highland white terriers



It’s essential to provide your furry friend with different types of mental stimulation because boredom is easily achieved for this breed. Keeping your dog’s mind busy will keep you less busy cleaning up messes in your house. Even a plush dog toy can be a good pick as long as it challenges the mind:


squeeky toys for westies



This is a good pick too:


plush puzzle toy for west highland terriers



If your West Highland Terrier will be home alone for a long time, providing as many different types of dogs as possible is a good idea. It will help your pup pass the time until you’re home and he/she is ready to play with you.

You can also ask your vet for recommendations. Your vet knows your westie best and can help you decide what toy may be the most beneficial for your pup’s growth and development.


What Makes Westies Happy?

Westies love to cuddle, play and eat. That’s what makes westies happy.

That’s why providing some of the best toys for westies identified above can be highly beneficial for your pooch. Westie owners love their little buddies and they want their pooch to be happy.

Dog Ownership Guide believes in Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners. So, don’t ever think that you’re only making your little buddy happy – you’re also making yourself happy when you decide to purchase a new toy for your westie puppy.


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If you’re a westie owner and have any recommendations for the best toys for westies, comment below with them.

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