9 Year Old Dog Insurance

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Pet insuA dog is considered a senior when he/she turns 10 years old. So, while a 9 year old wouldn’t technically need senior dog insurance, there isn’t much difference in insurance needs between the two ages. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about 9 year old dog insurance.

What Makes 9 Year Old Dog Insurance Different

Pet insurance for a puppy is often used to protect the financial repercussions of injuries vs. illnesses. Puppy’s are often healthy, so illness coverage isn’t as important. Just like people, a pet’s heath can decline with age making illness coverage much more in demand.

Illness coverage and injury coverage on pet insurance policies help pet parents pay for treatment costs. Pet owners often think more about pet insurance for older dogs, as they know that age-related medical issues are likely.

While there is no age limit in enrolling dogs into pet insurance policies, older pets often do cost more to insure. The higher the risk of injury or illness the higher the dog insurance costs.

Despite the higher costs, pet health insurance is still a good idea. People with senior dogs often have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to extend their precious pup’s life. With proper pet health insurance coverage, that money can be saved.

pet insurance for 9 year old dog

What to Be Aware of About Pet Insurance Plans

If you’re intersted in pet health insurance, there are a few details you should know.

  • Pet insurance plans do not cover vet bills for routine care exam fees or preventative care exam fees. Wellness plans are an option with some pet insurance providers, such as Embrace Pet Insurance Coverage and Pet Assure.
  • Treatment costs for pre-existing conditions are not covered. Pet insurance companies review veterinarian records prior to enrollment to ensure pre-existing conditions are noted.
  • New policies have a waiting period of 14 days. This helps prevent pet parents from enrolling their senior pets only when something happens vs. using it in case something happens.
  • Pet insurance companies consider hereditary conditions when calculating the cost of a new policy. A pet’s age, breed, and location are all factors, which is why senior pets often have higher monthly premiums.
  • Annual limits are important when choosing a pet insurance provider. Be sure to review them when making your decision.

Want to learn more about dog insurance before committing, read How Does Dog Insurance Work?

Wellness Plans for Routine Care

Even though pet insurance policies don’t cover routine care or preventative care exam fees, some pet insurers offer wellness plans. These wellness plans either discount non-covered care or help pet owners budget for the vet bills.

Dog Ownership Guide recommends choosing dog insurance that offers wellness options, as this adds another advantage to having a policy. This is especially true for senior pets who require additional care to remain healthy for as long as possible.

Learn more about wellness plans by reading PetFirst Wellness Plans.

dog insurance for 9 year old dog

How to Choose the Best Insurance Company

Senior dogs need the best pet insurance possible to ensure they receive coverage for any injuries or illnesses they suffer in their Golden Years. The best insurance companies for older pets right now are Embrace Pet Insurance, Pet Assure, and PetFirst Pet Insurance.

The first step in how to choose dog insurance is to request a quote. Quotes are completely free. We make it easy. Simply click on one of the best pet insurance companies below to complete their short form.

Protect yourself from ever having to choose between your financial security and your older dog’s longevity. Request a quote from the best pet insurance companies in the United States now.

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